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Harding Technologies
High Security Intercom and Distributed IP
Fire Alarm Systems

A Global Supplier of Advanced Communication Systems
"Design and Manufacturing Excellence"
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We Design and Manufacture Intercom, Fire, LonWorks and a variety of OEM products

OEM Products for the Oil and Gas industry, Oil Sands Recovery, Heavy Equipment Control, Telecommunications and Related Industries
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Over 50 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Registered to ISO 9001
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Design Excellence
Advanced features designed to meet the most demanding of today's modern building requirement

The Harding Product Line is designed with solution orientated specifiable features
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Fire Control

A Designer and Manufacturer of Advanced IP-Based Fire Alarm Systems comprised of discrete Modules distributed throughout a facility or campus on an Ethernet infrastructure.

OEM Products

OEM products are the foundation of Harding Instruments history. Regardless of the field of application, we are able to engineer and manufacture microprocessor driven devices, systems, and software with leading edge technology for worldwide markets.

Intercom System

A Leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of robust Intercom Systems for Correctional and High Security Communication Facilities located throughout North America.

Quality Assurance

Harding Instruments is registered to the ISO9001 standard. From design through shipping, every assembly receives the attention of Harding’s highly trained staff. To ensure that products are the best they can be, Harding’s quality assurance program is constantly improved as new technologies and techniques are introduced.

Other Harding Products

Examples of other products in our line include Echelon LonWorks devices, oil and gas measurement devices, heavy equipment control devices, and telecommunication devices.


Harding’s staff has developed expertise in a number of advanced technology areas including: Microprocessor hardware and software, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Advanced signal analysis, Digital logic, Analog circuits, Low temperature circuitry, Precision measurement, Intrinsically safe circuitry, Field programmable gate arrays, Low power circuitry, Power supplies, Echelon LonWorks.