DXI Specification Manual

The following PDF files contain the latest available specifications for the DXI/DXL systems. They can be viewed or downloaded individually. To download a ZIP file containing the entire specifications manual as of August 2018 click this DXI/DXL specification manual zip file link.

A pdf form of the DXI/DXL Specification Manual Table of Contents is also available.
Section 1 General Document No.
  DXI 400 Series System Data Sheet DS-DXI-400-2.6
  DXI 400 Series System Description DS-DXI-450-2.6

Section 2



DXI Data Sheets


ACB-101 Audio Control Board DS-ACB-101-1.7
AIB-400 Audio Input Board DS-AIB-400-1.4
AIO-400 Audio I/O Board DS-AIO-400-1.4
AOB-400 Audio Output Board DS-AOB-400-1.4
ATB-101 Audio Trunk Board DS-ATB-101-1.4
DIO-100 Discrete I/O Board (16 Relay Max) DS-DIO-100-2.5
IOC-110 I/O Card Cage DS-IOC-110-2.4
KBM-110 DXI Keyboard/Monitor DS-KBM-110-1.6
PAB-401 Paging Amplifier Board DS-PAB-401-1.5
PSU-310 30 Amp Power Supply DS-PSU-310-2.4
PSU-530 N+1 Redundant Power Supply DS-PSU-530-1.3
RDB-100 Remote Drive Board DS-RDB-100-1.5
RNS-100 Redundant Network Switch DS-RNS-100-1.4
RRB-100 Remote Receiver Board DS-RRB-100-1.4
RRR-110 Remote Receiver Rack (Rack Mount) DS-RRR-110-2.4
RRR-120 Remote Receiver Rack (Wall Mount) DS-RRR-120-2.4
SAB-300 Station Audio Board DS-SAB-300-1.6
SAB-400 Station Audio Board DS-SAB-400-1.5
SAB-401 Station Audio Board DS-SAB-401-1.5
SAC-110 SAC Computer (Rack Mount) DS-SAC-110-2.12
SAC-140 SAC Computer (Desk Top, Mini Tower) DS-SAC-140-2.10
TAB-400 Talkback Amplifier Board DS-TAB-400-1.4
TLB-400 Telephone Line Board DS-TLB-400-1.6
TSB-400 Telephone Set Board DS-TSB-400-1.4
CBL-000 DXI Cables DS-CBL-000-2.12

Section 3



MicroComm Devices Data Sheets


ACP-115 Annunciator Control Panel (Rack Mount, Large Display) DS-ACP-115-2.6
ACP-130 Annunciator Control Panel (Panel Mount, Standard Display) DS-ACP-130-2.6
ACP-135 Annunciator Control Panel (Panel Mount, Large Display) DS-ACP-135-2.6
ACP-145 Annunciator Control Panel (Desk Top, Large Display) DS-ACP-145-2.6
COD-210 Call Operating Device DS-COD-210-2.12
CRI-100 Card Reader Interface DS-CRI-100-1.8
CRI-200 Rack Mount Dual Card Reader Interface DS-CRI-200-1.4
CSE-210 Call Switch DS-CSE-210-1.6
DIO-110 Discrete I/O (Rack Mount, 16 Relay Max) DS-DIO-110-2.7
DIO-120 Discrete I/O (Wall Mount, 16 Relay Max) DS-DIO-120-2.9
DIO-320 Discrete I/O (Wall Mount, 48 Relay) DS-DIO-320-2.9
DSM-140 Desktop Speaker/Mic DS-DSM-140-1.13
FDH-320 Full Duplex Handset Station DS-FDH-320-1.1
FDH-420 Full Duplex Handset Station DS-FDH-420-1.11
FDH-440 Full Duplex Handset Station DS-FDH-440-1.11
FMK-102 Flushmount Microphone Ki DS-FMK-102-1.2
FST-420 Fiber Station Transceiver DS-FST-420-1.9
FTR-120 Free Topology Repeater DS-FTR-120-2.9
HDH-421 Half Duplex Handset Station DS-HDH-421-1.4
HND-100 Handset Assembly DS-HND-100-1.3
ICB-400 Intercom Station Board DS-ICB-400-2.14
ICE-300 ICE-300 Intercom Stations DS-ICE-300-1.9
ICE-302 ICE-302 Intercom Stations DS-ICE-302-1.3
ICE-400 ICE-400 Intercom Stations DS-ICE-400-1.9
ICE-410 ICE-410 1-Gang Intercom Stations DS-ICE-410-1.1
ICM-320 Generic Intercom Stations (2 Gang) DS-ICM-320-1.10
ICM-330 Generic Intercom Stations (3 Gang) DS-ICM-330-1.10
ICM-420 Intercom Stations (2 Gang) DS-ICM-420-2.19
ICM-421 Intercom Stations (2 Gang) DS-ICM-421-1.16
ICM-430 Intercom Stations (3 Gang) DS-ICM-430-2.18
ICM-431 Intercom Stations (3 Gang) DS-ICM-431-1.16
ICS-3X0 Intercom Specialty Stations DS-ICS-3X0-1.4
ICS-4X0 Intercom Specialty Stations DS-ICS-4X0-1.8
ICS-4X1 Intercom Specialty Stations DS-ICS-4X1-1.8
ICS-4X1-PRI Intercom Privacy Station DS-ICS-4X1-PRI-1.7
IEB-400 Intercom Board DS-IEB-400-1.3
IMS-130 Intercom Master Station (Panel Mount, Standard Display) DS-IMS-130-2.6
IMS-440 Intercom Master Station (Desk Top, Standard Display) DS-IMS-440-1.8
IMS-510-1 Telephone Set Master Station (Panel Mount) DS-IMS-510-1-1.4
MAI-420 Master Audio Interface DS-MAI-420-1.10
MAI-425 Master Audio Interface DS-MAI-425-1.10
PSU-124-1.5 24 Vdc 1.5 Amp Power Supply DS-PSU-124-1.5-1.3
QCA-120-1 Quick Connect Adapter DS-QCA-120-1-1.4
QCB-120-(1-4) Quick Connect Board DS-QCB-120-(1-4)-1.6
QCB-120-5 Quick Connect Board DS-QCB-120-(5,7)-1.2
QCB-120-6 Quick Connect Board DS-QCB-120-6-1.3
QCB-120-7 Quick Connect Board DS-QCB-120-(5,7)-1.2
SPA-120 Station Port Adapter DS-SPA-120-1.5
SPM-420 Station Paging Microphone DS-SPM-420-1.4
SPM-421 Station Paging Microphone DS-SPM-421-1.1
SRK-400 Intercom Station Repair Kit DS-SRK-400-1.4
SWT-110/610 Footswitch DS-SWT-110/610-1.5
TMM-440 Touch Screen Module DS-TMM-440-1.15
TMM-441 Touch Screen Module DS-TMM-441-1.14
VBE-420 Visiting Booth Station DS-VBE-420-1.3
VBS-420 Visiting Booth Station DS-VBS-420-1.12
ACC-000 MicroComm Accessories X-DS-ACC-000-1.13

Section 4



System Planning Guide


  MicroComm DXI System Planning Guide MN-DXI-SPG-APR02
  MicroComm DXI/DXL Cable Specifications MN-DXI_DXL-MCS-FEB10

Section 5



A & E Specifications


  MicroComm DXI A & E Specifications (PDF) DXI-AandE-APR02
  MicroComm DXI A & E Specifications (WORD) DXI-AandE-APR02