DXI Superseded Data Sheets and Installation Manuals


The following PDF files contain specifications for superseded DXI products. They can be viewed or downloaded individually.



Section 1 Analog Document No.
Discrete Input/Output Board DS-DIO-220-2.1
Intercom Station (2 gang) DS-ICM-220-3_1
Intercom Station (3 gang) DS-ICM-230-3_1
Intercom Master Station (panel mount) DS-IMS-215-2_1
Intercom Master Station (desk top) DS-IMS-240-2_1
Intercom Master Station (desk top – large display) DS-IMS-245-2_1

Section 2


DXI Data Sheets

ACB-100 Audio Control Board DS-ACB-100-2.1
AIB-400 Audio Input Board DS-AIB-100-2.1
AIO-100 Audio I/O Board DS-AIO-100-2.1
AOB-100 Audio Output Board DS-AOB-400-2.1
COD-100 Call Operating Device (Through The Wall) DS-COD-100-2.4
COD-310 Call Operating Device (Call Cord) DS-COD-310-2.4
HDH-4X0 Half Duplex Handset DS-HDH-4X0-1
ICM-120 Intercom Station (2 gang) DS-ICM-120-3.3
ICM-130 Intercom Station (3 gang) DS-ICM-130-2.3
IMS-140 Intercom Master Station (Desk Top, Standard Display) DS-IMS-140-2.1
MAI-120 Master Audio Interface DS-MAI-120-2.1
MAI-125 Master Audio Interface DS-MAI-125-1.1
PAB-100 Paging Amplifier Board DS-PAB-100-2.1
PSU-123 Power Supply Unit DS-PSU-123-1_2
PSU-125 Power Supply Unit DS-PSU-125-1_2
PSU-510 N+1 Redundant Power Supply DS-PSU-510-1_3
SAB-100 Station Audio Board DS-SAB-100-2.1
SPD-120 Switch Panel Driver DS-SPD-120-2.1
TAB-100 Talkback Amplifier Board DS-TAB-100-1.1
TSB-100 Telephone Set Board DS-TSB-100-1.1
VBS-320 Visitor Booth Station DS-VBS-320-2.1
Keyboard DS-KBD-000-2.2
Monitor DS-MON-000-2.2

Section 3


Installation Bulletins for Superceded Products

ACB-100 Audio Control Board IM-ACB-100-2.5
Custom 2K2 DIO-120 Wall Mount DIO Module IM-DIO-120-2K2-1.0
HDM-440 Half Duplex Master Module IM-HDM-440-1
100 Series Intercom Stations IM-ICM-100-2.2
IMS-140 and IMS-145 Intercom Master Stations IM-IMS-140-2.3
MAI-125 Master Audio Interface IM-MAI-125-2.2
PSU-123 and PSU-125 Power Supply IM-PSU-123/125-2.2
PSU-510 N+1 Redundant Power Supply IM-PSU-510-1.3
SAB-100 Station Audio Board IM-SAB-100-2.3
VBS-320 Visitor Booth Station IM-VBS-320-2.2