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Why Choose a MicroComm DXL System?


Backed by a Company with over 30 years of Industry Experience

  • We are a forward-thinking company that utilizes the latest in technology
  • Products are developed with a very long-life cycle in mind
  • New product generations provide backward compatibility with older generations
  • Custom Software and Hardware can be developed to Meet Special Architectural and Engineering Requirements


Digital Signaling Processing Provides Superior Audio Clarity

  • Gain settings and audio fi­lters can be configured on a per station basis
  • Reduces operator stress
  • Reduces chance of operator errors


Zero Call Blocking Architecture

  • Every station is afforded its own 1W audio amplifier
  • Audio is routed system wide in the digital realm – no mechanical relays
  • Allows for simultaneous communication for all operators


Field Devices are Continuously Monitored

  • MicroComm 2-wire system, (400-series only) provides line supervision to each station to annunciate open and/or shorts
  • MicroComm Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), (600 series only) “ping” all ­field devices
  • Report system faults when a station is o—line


400-Series 2-Wire Systems

  • Stations include a Microphone Preamplifier that improves audio quality and substantially reduces crosstalk
  • Reduced equipment and installation costs


300-Series 4-wire Systems

  • Allows for the re-use of existing intercom stations in most cases
  • Reduces system upgrade cost


Systems Can Utilize a Mixture of 2-Wire, 4-Wire, and VoIP Field Devices

  • Equipment adapts to every facility’s unique requirements
  • Provides for a least cost option


One Time Facility Software Site License

  • Provides free software upgrades for the life of the product
  • Provides free telephone and on-line support of software and hardware
  • No annual software fees

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