The FxIP Fire Series

Building System for the 21st Century

Distributed FxIP Fire Control Modules
Processing Performed at Module Level
System Size Has no Impact on Response Times

Power in Numbers

A single Addressable Loop Module (ALM) can contain SLC circuits, NAC circuits or both, depending on the configuration. A Harding SLC circuit can control 126 I/O devices. The NAC’s are rated at 3A. With contemporary systems, the more devices you add to the system the more processing power is required by the central control unit. With the FxIP Fire Series distributed system, each module operates independently and performs all of it’s own processing so larger systems require no more processing power than
the smallest system. Size doesn’t matter… literally. A system with 30 or 40 SLC loops (that’s 3780- 5040 detectors and control devices) with 60 to 80 NAC circuits (that’s  180A-240A worth of notification devices) would operate just as quickly as a single loop system with 2 NAC circuits. Now that’s powerful. And it’s available today!


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